Magnus is our primary Lilly White male breeder here at PCG. The richness and creaminess of his dorsal and lateral patterning is truly unlike anything we've ever seen! Although not as smart as his chess-playing namesake, Magnus Carlsen, he is a show-stopper nonetheless!

20181229_120558 (2).jpg


If you watch Game of Thrones, you already know why this big guy is named Tormund. With a stunning male like this, we can't wait to see how those drippy red genes translate to his offspring!



You can probably see an emerging trend here with these gecko names. Dany is an jaw-dropping specimen and is an absolute TANK. In fact, she is one of my favorite geckos in our entire collection! 

20181229_131954 (1).jpg


In addition to her gorgeous creamy pattern, Buttercup is quite the chunk. She is an absolute sweetheart, and has produced some of the nicest red geckos in the hobby!



The whitewalls and contrast on this girl are stunning. Originally produced by LAC Herps out of Marmot X Galaxy, she is bringing that magic over here to PCG!

20181229_120153 (2).jpg


Nova quite simply looks like she came from another galaxy. The orange is so bright that sometimes I wonder if she has some kind of genetic mutation. Either way, we should be hatching out some crazy babies this season!



Bocce (pronounced Bochy) is our original superdalmatian male, and has produced some offspring like you wouldn't believe! Not only is he covered in spots, but his babies are even nicer!

20181229_111647 (1).jpg


Deek is our prized female red superdalmatian. Her firetruck red base color tends to take over in her offspring, and those huge ink blots offer splendid contrast!



We tried counting the number of spots on Frankie... Alas, it didn't work. If you are a fan of super spotty geckos with pedigree lineage (think: Francesca from Scaredy Cat) then you will LOVE this beautiful yellow superdalmatian female!



No, your eyes are not broken... those spots are in fact green. It is an understatement to say that we are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to see what Cayde-6 will produce when paired to our top-notch dalmatian females!