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Meet the Partners


Joseph Stewart

Joseph Stewart is a reptile enthusiast that has had the privilege of traveling the world to see reptiles of all sorts. He started breeding geckos around 2005 when he was introduced to them by the owner of Petacular Exotics Rich Speknor. He quickly learned to care for them and started a project of dalmatian crested geckos back when a few spots were a big deal! Ever since he has been on a tireless mission to breed the best dalmatians that can be produced!

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The PCG Promise

We, Joe and Daniel, are two passionate hobbyists who have nearly twenty years of gecko-breeding experience between us. We are committed to producing high quality geckos and have heavily invested in quality animals from the best lineage in the hobby. We consider gecko care a science, and are always working to ensure that our geckos are as healthy as possible. Moreover, we are eager to share our knowledge with our customers and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service. When you buy a gecko from PCG, you are more than just a customer; you are a friend, and we will treat you every bit the part.


Daniel Jadallah

After discovering crested geckos at a reptile exposition in San Jose, Daniel started breeding crested geckos at the age of eleven. Through experience and a lot of reading, Daniel has built a vast knowledge of crested gecko care, husbandry, and morphology. Over the years, he has been refining his projects, sparing no expense in quality or care for his animals. One of the first breeders in Northern California to import Lily White crested geckos, Daniel is committed to breeding the most creamy, well-structured geckos in the hobby!

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